VIP Next Sale Slots Now Available

This year’s NEXT VIP Customer Sale will run initially for 2 days only online and the all important Next VIP slots are NOW available.

The Next in-store Sale starts on 2 days after the VIP online sale at 5am and the non-VIP Sale starts online at 8am – on the same time as the in-store sale.

NEXT Half Price Sale

If you have a Next Directory account and HAVEN’T received your VIP slot from Next via email – then log into your account now and book a slot for yourself!

All of the items in the Next Sale are half price or less and you can see a preview of what’s on offer before the sale even starts by looking at the Next Sale Preview pages.

If you’re not a NEXT directory customer or don’t shop at NEXT via their website very often then contact NEXT customer services and request a VIP Sale slot – they’re usually very helpful!

NEXT Online Sale